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w a l k i n g  s e s s i o n  4

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M A Y  1,  2009 


elephant texts {textual findings, discussions with residents, meeting attendances, library readings . . .}


locus-solus fragments



choose some cells inside the grid below to perform (write and re-write) your texts.

choose a background color for all your cells.

<to do this: right-click on your cell and choose: cell --> cell properties --> backround color>



A U T H O R   L I S T 

1. panos kouros - - cell color { #99cccc }     









collyre univers
Four ducks on pond
A grass-bank beyond
A blue sky of spring
White clouds on the wing :
What a little thing
To remember for years
To remember with tears!
Feranndo Yusingo is a seventy-three year old Philippine man
who lives on a twelve-acre duck farm an hour north of Auckland.
au cours d'une série entamée de conversations curatives, le
malade évoquait ainsi Gillette enlevée au matin de la vie.
So this is why they invest there, you see Greece is a strategic place for them to
fight, to be in their base without problem, its impossible to go to Iran
straight from America, its impossible to do it, this is why Russia wants with
Cuba its only one minute, and the Russians as well invest in Chelsey, 
I sit on the sloped banks of the wide Salaween River, which unlike the Moei neither froths nor carries bodies across on quick currents   Workingman's death follows the trail of the heroes in the illegal mines of the Ukraine, sniffs out ghosts among the sulfur workers in Indonesia, finds itself face to face with lions at a slaughterhouse in Nigeria, mingles with brothers as they cut a huge oil tanker into pieces in Pakistan , and joins the Chinese steel workers in hoping for a glorious future. Meanhile, the future is now in Germany, where a major smelling plant of bygone days has been converted into a bright and shiny leisure park. Mais le maître, sa loupe dans l'orbite, vit les cônes éthérés, exempts de troubles, traverser la peau sans l'ouvrir, comme des rayons errant dans du verre.  
Pogo cafe. The Wobblies. Good Morning, Night. Chiara leads a quiet life. Promises and Bullets. The film gets a first hand account of the FARC's objectives. Lonely are the Brave. Let's talk about Tact and Timing. Introduction to Language evening.

[Pogo cafe flyer, found at Aylesbury]
  the following eight dead people were in turn brought to Locus Solus, underwent the new treatment and relived scenes which summarized various concatenations of events.   An Introduction to Poetry. Hear and enjoy some great poems read aloud, from Shakespeare to Shapcott. All welcome.
  Do you have to rub your nose in it ?
Dog fouling can cause blindness
scoop it, bag it, bin it
the council provides dog mess bins poop scoop bags
for more information tel. 020 7525 xxxx
  Let me warn you, weavy traveller, lost in your miserable search for a tavern. Someone is watchng you but you can't watch back. Jack is his name and he is often around. Comes and goes, you see. They don't know how. A warning on the main thoroughfare you ignored. Just then! A shuffle, a flash in the dark, a knife? A robber? A brown McDonalds bag, a piece of foil blon by the wind. Had you worried, eh? Jack Sheppard. Dreamer, rebel, robber and master escaper from the best of prisons.  

No dumping of rubbish

or bulk refuse in this area

Any offenders will be prosecuted

For free bulk refuse collection

telephone 020 7525 2457


Siesta bedding center

foam rubber cut to any size or shape

Right next to us, the two genuine leaves of an entrance in this facade opened widely inwards, surmounted by the words "Hotel de l' Europe"  I miss everything from my country, but I'm living here for 23 years
i used to run to Marathons, i miss my children, i miss the Columbians
people here are so cold.
  Caminata por los Ninos y ninas de colombia. La caminata es la mejor actividad para el ultimo puente de Mayo. Es una oportunidad para disfrutar de la naturaleza en compania de amigos y familiares. Unase a este evento organizado por Children of Andes (COTA) y ayudenos a recaudar fondos para ayudar a los ninas mas vulnerables de Colombia. Francois-Jules was an advocate of the science of phrenology, for he was endowed with a remarkably prominent forehead of which he was proud.    
There was also Nelly Waites, Mary Whitely, Ruby Cohen, Florrie Holmes, Maggie Hill, Ada Welman, Nora Nolan, Shirley Pitts and many others     what is loaves ?
it's this seed.
what is sprouted bread ?
well something is inside, something 's sprouted in the bread don't know what.
thank you darling , thank you.
In his study there was a large black set of shelves filled with neat rows of skulls upon whose idiosyncracies he could discourse knowledgeably.

- What do you find nice and interesting for me to visit here…I’ am an artist and I want to learn more about Elephant and Castle…?

- Well, you should pick up the bus from there to move from this area and go to the place with museums and galleries…


  ...is there something about the innocence of sheep
that stimulates men to ever - greater heights of cruelty ?
The apotheosis seems to have been reached in Buenos
Aires in the 19th century...

- But I find this place interesting, it is like a gallery for me...like an exhibition with live exhibits, that is what I am looking for…do you know what I mean?

- Oh yes, but you should just take that bus, leave this place. There is nothing beautiful to remember from here…



The narthex is the long narrow enclosed porch of a Mithraeum. You would step through and wait. Then enter the underground temple for all Temples to the sungod Mithra were constructed underground. Passing the guardians of the temple, Cautes and Cautopates, life and light, dark and death, you would then be inside the Mithraeum.

From The Raven, The Bride, The Soldier, The Lion, The Persian, The Sun and The Father. In death there is life. Mithra's slaying of the Bull.

Well look how it works, we're all volunteers, that's how it works here,
because of that we don't take any rages on the prices of the food so
its very cheap, so in return what we ask is as people go around
finding the prices so when they come around to add up them selves,
and that's the deal.
  The local rumour is that the two-storey house off-set from Church Passage, and I'll assume a whisper here, is the entrance to a subterranean passage that leads to the water side.    
      In this thing here Americans invest, they give the money, through the Arabic person, but now he has stopped because he cannot find the money to continue, you see this is a strategic area this is why they want to come here.  
      Thanks to our closeness, we noticed on the envelope the words "peeress", which was the only one to be written in red ink.  Astrologically, on a wider repeat circumference of this stone circle, there may be some higgledy-piggledy web-weaving going on. Leo is The Coade Lion at Westminster, a Mithraic Bullring at Waterloo for Taurus, another clue- Tower Bridge, a Libran scales of justice? But Dog knows!
  Dark Fiber. Durruti. Situationist. Biography. Climate. Fragments: a memoir. Jumping the line. The Story of Tatiana. Spectacular Times. The gift. Lots of free info. Library this way. Funny Bunny.      
      So basically you come in you pick up a bit of bin paper and get a pen from
the desk add it up your self we trust it's gonna be white
and you tell us how much its gonna be.
  We know what we do and take a risk to leave the shop unattended
and we base on the idea of trust that no one is gonna steel from us.


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