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w a l k i n g   s e s s i o n  2

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A P R I L  29,  2009 


elephant texts 


locus-solus fragments





E L E P H A N T   S U P P O R T - S U R F A C E  









She was holding a female barrister doll, a toy that was all the rage that year, being the concrete embodiment of a current topic - for it was that year that women appeared for the first time at the bar.  Yes i know it, I live there, I have a flat from them 

-Was my love in a certain quarter sincerely returned, as Ι believe?" 

-Ai-je eu selon mes craintes, en

certaine occurrence, le blâme inavoué de tel coeur attaché au mien?_

L'heure actuelle comportait des demandes analogues, et l'avenir offrait une aire sans limites aux formules interrogatives



this crisis helps, postpones their plans, 2003 a wonderful band because of the the coronation of the king, we had barbecue, we had bands , south Africans dancing, funfairs, again about the regeneration thing they re giving property but actually its not that, 1986 i was a counsellor 1990, things were different at that times, the word came up i automatically with Bler, they mean stng  else behind it.
Felicite had been guided by several disconcerting sallies delivered by Lelutour at the iriselle's expense. 
I was  physically removed from their meeting

En parlant, Noël nous mettait le dé sous les yeux. Paraissant veiné par les lettres, l'ensemble des six faces, numérotées en angle de _1_ à _6_, montrait isolément ces trois formules: _L'ai-je eu? l'ai-je? l'aurai-je?_ une fois en rouge, l'autre en noir, chacune occupant la plate antipode de sa pareille.


The Aylesbury? and the situation is on an in depended planning inspector is has being seeking objections and that closed on the 17th of April, i ve got copies here.
There's one for me
There's one for Richard Lee
and there's one for Henry Flinn
I suggest you read all that

Le jeune garçon prit à deux doigts, pour le jeter en l'air presque aussitôt, un dé à jouer de vieil ivoire, qui monta haut en tournoyant et retomba au milieu de la table. La face supérieure portait en rouge, outre le chiffre _1_ marqué dans un angle, cette phrase brève: _L'ai-je

eu?_ tracée en fins caractères d'écriture semblant formés par des veines

de l'ivoire.

first of all they rejected the balance
A woman seated in the corner of a carriage arm slipped through a strap. This walkway is permanently closed. Use gateway to your left for steps and ramp behind claydon. au cours d'une série entamée de conversations curatives, le malade évoquait ainsi Gillette enlevée au matin de la vie.  all the balconies are together, so people walking the piece cannot bring them together,
Really... a note at hand?... What does it show as a signature?

Draper Estate. You are here.
As he spoke, Noel placed the die before our eyes. The six faces, which seemed as though veined by the letters, were numbered in one corner from 1 to 6 and shoewd the phrases "Was it?", "Is it?" and  Will it be?"separately, once in red and once in black, with the formulas that corresponded to one another on opposite sides.

Nandos smelly fumes are effecting the whole building





I mean we don't agree anyway with properties to sell, but here it's not realistic because noone's got the money to buy it or even lent, its completely crap, so its all crackers, and we're hoping the inspector to speak.

Le temps passa, et Hello, à dix-huit ans, se prit à songer sans trêve au

symptôme céleste prédit par son père

His voice reached us through a round opening as large as a dinner plate, contrived in the glass partition two meters from the ground, which was covered simply by a disc of tissue paper with its overlapping edges stuck to the outside of the rim.  It was an abandoned bridge it was really  discusting I mean really discusting but the Colombians came along and had the vision about the arches

Partant des deux

bouts d'une même diagonale, deux danseurs sautillaient l'un vers l'autre

puis, avant de se toucher, regagnaient leurs places à reculons,

strictement imités aussitôt par les détenteurs des deux autres postes

extrêmes. Plusieurs fois le manège alternatif recommençait, différencié

par un jeu de tournoiements effectués centralement deux à deux au moment

de la rencontre.

-Ok than, listen love:   It's true; the Elephant, especially now when so much of it is to be torn down and rebuilt, feels like a clearing house, a way station between one point and another. 
Cassigneul was vaingloriously inspired by the monochrome of this frontierless part of the world, to rename his house, by the addition of a single word: Hotel de l' Europe Francaise.  I mean there's a big economic crisis at the moment maybe it come out maybe not. I don't know if the time will come back to take the money they would want out of this place

il reçut bientôt, joints à un exemplaire

demandé des _Campanules d'Écosse_, maints renseignements circonstanciés

Next day, Charles III had the map, with its mark of promise, displayed in the centre of the quarter concerned, so that the inhabitants might rejoice beforehand.   
-in Chelsey ? the Russians ? investments in Chelsey ? well, this sounds over reasonable,  il apprit l'existence, sous le mont Arouastou, d'une opulente mine alors épuisée.  

L'ensemble s'effiloqua bientôt dans les airs. Mais Hello, le coeur

battant, avait reconnu, à sa nature céleste, le préavis annoncé.

_Maintenant_ elle devait agir




Les contours et les proportions différaient à l'infini--molaires immenses et canines monstrueuses voisinant avec des dents de lait
A man running a mileometer across a map.   I mentioned the four would-be squatters I'd seen to my flatmate. "Squatting 's coming back now", he said






The following eight dead people were in turn brought to Locus Solus, underwent the new treatment and relived scenes which summarized various concatenations of events. Do you feel safe?
I don’t feel unsafe
Violent, bitter. I don’t love this place … Unsafe    perilous precarious
 Dark side - murky side

The word "Dubito", containing the whole essence of the story about Voltaire, was to be expelled from the great thinker's parted lips in the shape of numerous air bubbles skilfully clustered into a calligraphic array 

People here are so cold

Helen is so common name

my grandmother was Helen

my wife Helen

Une très lente dessalaison progressive du liquide natal  
A ten-minute climb brought us to a little stone edifice whose front, facing upwards towards an immense stretch of forest, consisted entirely of the two closed leaves of a wide, very rusty gate with hinges of solid gold. Within its walls, devoid of openings or cracks, lay a single vast chamber, which was scantily furnished. 

tekram ts tsae ot emoclew 



A man dropping a coin into a barrel-shaped money box.   First of all they rejected the balance
Second  it is limited
And thirdly they did not properly insult the wider  area, now we are an involved area, and if you ask people they would say they don't know what's going on.
I was  physically removed from their meeting.

Gibraltar,we say that the monkeys are so smart and very nasty, do they have bad manners...

a lady tells about the Monkeys on the rocks of Gibraltar, dancing up and down, she comes from Gibraltar

In my garden I have lots of flowers, oh lots of beautiful flowers, you have to spend a all day there...


A waterskin in the desert, with water gushing from a hole seemingly made by a traitor's sword. No people.   Aylesbury New Deal for Communities, is offering small grants up tp 5,000£ to local community groups to carry out projects that beautify the area and bring benefits to the Aylesbury community.
What projects can you apply for?
It could be:
Improving play areas
Improving open spaces
Creating community gardens
Making places cleaner and safer
Improving the use of community buildings and spaces
A man seen in profile, seated at his desk (left profile) holding in his hand some guidelines which he is about to slip beneath a sheet of paper.
A gaming table on which rests a croupier's rake. No people. Been meaning to ask you, you have any other ex where the state tries to regenerate or change an area, a recent example in Greece is the new airport in Athens where the government did what was planned despite the residents rejection, what you say is can these plans being stopped 

Instructions for 59 drawings, commissioned by Roussel through Goron detective agency to hack painter Henri-A. Zoinserted, inserted here.



this is the starting point for so many people who come to London. Everything comes through here-the Old Kent is the A2, which runs from Dover to London-that's why have all these coaches coming through reading 'Polski' or whatever. And everyone here has a story a tell. 



If the man of your heart ask you to live with him, but only in  Heygate building, could you? -Actually, there are taxis that we can use at night time and the good thing is that it is  quite central so we can go out often.



It's true; the Elephant, especially now when so much of it is to be torn down and rebuilt, feels like a clearing house, a way station between one point and another. Living on the this estate feels, quite literally, like living on a platform looking out on the rest of london



HE STARTS TO DRAW IN MY NOTEBOOK, a lot of Buildings  After visiting various secondary sites and towns, he arrived at the ruins of Baalbek, the prinicipal goal of his wanderings

Sustainability you see. When they talk sustainability includes democracy.


A man removing a pressed flower from a book.

- This is a picture from the council estate, do you know it?

- Yes i know it, I live there, I have a flat from them.

- Do you know about the demolition plan?

- Yes yes I know, maybe they do it in ten years, I hope I m back to my country until then.

- What was your job ?

- I was a shef

  At the beginning you didn’t want to go in there and its beautiful now, they got a nice disco stand, a nice disco floor, speakers, they also support the all sector,, its a family thing, the family owns the shop their child dances   

Safe and precarious
Black white - dark-o
Dead body-bodkin
Dark side - murky side
Pain play -
Happening stepping Happy..


So certainly there has been a lot of resistance. They thought we were gonna give up but we haven't given up. 73 per cent of the people who voted said no no no, and that is more people voted for any politician ever,
the government accepted it, but this exceptional with the inspector...if this happens it's a tragedy.



i think by the time this is all done (the elephant and castle regeneration)  one of 3 things will have happened

1) I'll be near retirement age ( and no longer the youthful handsome stud that I am )

2) my MCH service charge will equal the GDP of Albania

3) my dream to become a mole will be fulfilled as we'll be shrouded in literal darkness - ( strata tower @ 43 storeys, oakmayne house 23 @storeys and eileen house @44 storeys 

think elephant, think oakmay    A fountain in a park. No people.   

Surrey square is not going to be demolished but they will built on the park, they want to re-house some parts, they didn't want the people around the square.



- Sorry do you have a minute?

- I can give you five min...

- Are you living here?

- Yes.

- Is it your choice?

- No, I could offer apartment here.


-and you also know about trousers ( aha ha ha), i can take it off and you can sew it for me!

-yes i can try, I will do it for you (ha ha ha)


safer in my home.

I will not open my front door to people I don't know.

Legitimate callers please follow yur usual procedures to contact me to make an appointment.


-what is loaves ?

-it's this seed,

-what is sprouted bread ?

-well something is inside, something 's sprouted in the bread don't know what,

-thank you darling , thank you,

-have you got any plastic cups ?

-what for ?

-well, you know, just to drink milk right outside your door



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