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w a l k i n g  s e s s i o n  1

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A P R I L  28,  2009 



E L E P H A N T   S U P P O R T - S U R F A C E




 Voyant la réserve Draper Estate. d'énergie latente



I turned up early having the priviledge of a room with minimal obstruction. Wow! he touched rapidly with his fingers one after the other Thank the Lord for black and white! This show was littered with beautiful screen tones.

l'émeraud, aphaniptère parasite de la _pyrole calédonienne



Le temps passa, et Hello, à dix-huit ans, se prit à songer sans trêve au symptôme céleste prédit par son père,it was really  discusting I mean

dans l'espoir qu'un moyen lui serait alors offert de sauver le pays, définitive ment ruiné par un laps

ininterrompu de chaos et de luttes intestines.


Is it only for Latin?
No not at all
Here on the Sundays all the family dance and they learn

Here you can learn dance and staff
Of course I dance                     
Of course I like it 
Here there s traditional staff from Colombia

ravissante americaine

-No I prefer living at the present times

-Prefer present times

-I was there, at the bus stop, it didn't stop


You are here.

danton arrete

This licence does not authorise the placing of any advertisment upon the structure.

Here, words were arranged successfully in a list, which in order to count them The user accepts accountability to use the storage area only as detailed above I want to know what people want,  it is not a nice area

For example here we r having the Latin- American business center. It was an abandoned bridge  really discusting but the Colombians came along and had the vision about the arches  


for a long time it was dead
G-r-a-s-s  R-o-o-t-s are art groups , they are artists


Une jeune beauté d'outre-Manche, accompagnée de son mari le richeThe user must vacate the storage area on or before the date shown or must aply for and receive an extension at least 7 days prior to expiry

lord Alban Exley, pair d'Angleterre



parilladas del sure,
la mejor y mas sabroja parillada en el  sur de londres


dé l’ ai-je eu

There s this fusion of these Grass-Roots artists with Business

Reason for storage: cleaning contract, Daily/Nightly cleaning of stations

Location at which to be stored: Elephant & Castle Station. Exact Title:Cleaners messroom

To be submitted at least 21 days prior to commencement of storage period

Conditions of licence to store:


  2. The user accepts accountability for keeping the storage area in a proper and safe conditions


  4. The user accepts accountability for the cleanlines of the storage area when the site is vacated

  5. Special conditions

I want to know what people want,  it is not a nice area

it was rejoined by the iriselle

conversations curatives


Right next to us, the two genuine leaves of an entrance in this facade opened widely inwards,

Here there s DVDs and staff
Here they come and they dance Helice tourne zinc plat se rend (devient) dome" [Propeller turns zincflat goes(becomes) dome]

danton arrete


Can I ask you one question ?


Then say only one word from

your language ? Only a word, any one you like,

            a r z u n   n e

composition ocreuse

Capital has been embodied in us with hushed and persistent violence




(Re)productive body

discontented body

consumer body

clean disinfected body

overworked body

Versatile working body

It is time to ask : Is a different body possible?

It must be because we are still here.

We move, we decide we talk, we build, we situate ourselves and unmask our own bodies, our own lives, our own city, the neighbourhood, the social centre...

symptôme céleste


for removal of 





Shape Your space. Come and help shape design proposals for Amelia Street and the surrounding area.

interet anatomique

Newington Estate. You are here.


sub hum ans At Chats Palace Hackney

With Active Slaughter and Skints


 Voyant la réserve d'énergie latente


Its propably

Don't know

Don't know

I don’t like the coloured elephant

I would like it pink, green is my favourite


I don't know

I don't know

Protestor? Passerby?

Blair Peach. Battered to death by Special Patrol Group, April 23rd1979, London

Ian Tomlinson. Assaulted and died at the hands of Territorial Support Group, April 1 2009, London

Thirty years later and it could still be anyone: your father, your son, you!! Enough is enough!


Open Day- Nunhead cemetery. Saturday, 16th May 2009, 11.00am-5.00pm. All the usual attractions including: Woodcrafting demonstrations by Fonc's Woodland bodger. Various stalls and displays. Plants for sale. Publications about the cemetery. Guided Tours. Homemade refreshments. And for the youngsters: Mr. Bugman's famous bug hunt. Face paining & badge making.

  Why am I in hospital?
It has been decided to admit you to this hospital or mental nursing home so that you can be given the treatment and care that you need.
The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Mount ZIon. (The Dweling Place of God). Mount ZIon.

Selon un texte succinct encadrant le dessin, l'émeraud, aphaniptère parasite de la _pyrole calédonienne_

Au seuil du Morne-Vert, il l'émit en ces termes, dont les chercheurs, au cours des siècles, s'étaient seulement
approchés: Jouël brûle, astre aux cieux.



  tekram ts tsae ot emoclew 

[East street market entrance sign-read the opposite way]
La Bodeguita This licence does not authorise the placing of any advertisment upon the structure. Enquiries – Contact officer on above number quoting licence number. This notice must be displayed on the structure at all times. Cut along dotted line and return to the Finance Section address below for renewal of licence.   Heygate case management ,
now located at old doctor's surgery
meet your management officer

Can you tell me what Bodeguita means?

Its the   " S t o r e  R o o m "

It is a famous cuban restaurant in Havana



Brotherhood of the cross and the star
elephant and castle penticostal center
world headquarters.
astrologue oberthur 

a lot of thousands live in there, and that little ones, that looks like them,

there is no privacy

art dentaire  continental Link
la mejor alternativa para sus transfencias
colombia equador peru brazil espana

safer in my home.

I will not open my front door to people I don't know.

Legitimate callers please follow yur usual procedures to contact me to make an appointment.

parilladas del sure,
la mejor y mas sabroja parillada en el  sur de londres

one can pass by all across the windows 

-No I prefer living at the present times

-Prefer present times

-I was there, at the bus stop, it didn't stop

-I d like to fly to Portugal

all the balconies are together, so people walking the piece cannot bring them together, 
lake floor   I want to know what people want,  it is not a nice area  Wu Ming 54
New at Newington Library
monthly senioe group
starting thursday 14 of may
Come and join us for coffee and refreshments
12-2 pm
a thousant splendid suns
khaled hossein
There s this fusion of these Grass-Roots artists with Business,
G-r-a-s-s  R-o-o-t-s are art groups , they are artists,
  Chaotic Impulsive –Caprice (caprico) He seated himself before the Dictionary of Erebus, placed it in convenient position    Right next to us, the two genuine leaves of an entrance in this facade opened widely inwards, surmounted by the words "Hotel de l' Europe", giving into a kind of tiled hall whose walls were simply represented by painted canvas erected on frames 
Reframe. Counselling for individuals and couples. Change the picture  S'arrêtant pour admirer la féerie crépusculaire, Hello vit certains flocons étroits se courber étrangement sous

l'action de la brise jusqu'à former en lettres vagues cette locution: D'ORES. 
  The life is running very fast here in Hey Gate… the most of the women’s are grandmothers in age of 30.Everything is out of time and out of control…  

Felicite placed the only egg remaining intact inside the cage where it was rejoined by the iriselle, who began to sit on it

  This is the regeneration thing and what they did, now they are linking the community with the artists,  for example there's a children's group on a Sunday, this is were I help and they dance 
    Here if you need to can send money home
Send packages home
Legal advice




















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