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recension acts 1

Page history last edited by Panos Kouros 10 years, 7 months ago


                                recension acts 1              


                                are parallel content performances using the city, locus solus and various mechanisms {Roussel's, mnemeden, other...}



elephant texts


locus solus


choose some cells inside the grid to write and re-write your texts. Choose a background color for all your cells.

<to do this: right-click on your cell and choose: cell --> cell properties --> backround color>


cell: pk { #99cccc }      cell: your name     cell: your name


i will here invent a past for her.

  cette rencontre du croisement    

i will use my presence



"Oh! It's a plaine train"

broken circle

Mr. Blaum or Bloom

Finger, or the Resignation

of Oneself as an Object

Exterior in Relation to Oneself.





















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