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conversations curatives locus solus public

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Conversations curatives (talking cure) is a found phrase in Raymond Roussel’s novel Solus-Locus. Conversations Curatives. Locus Solus Public is a performative archiving action producing a shifting space of proximity between acting persons, Roussel’s novel, and Elephant & Castle, an inner London borough, undergoing rapid gentrification. The project took place during this transitional period of emptying social housing estates from their inhabitants. It used a complex strategy to unfold a collective space of archival imagination, through (relational and translocal) public archiving actions. The archiving scenario involved two group of acting persons (operators and scribers) working in parallel via a wiki support-surface. Operators recorded and transcribed a double city/ novel situation, and made the archive public in public space, while its content was simultaneously reconfigured by the second group of remote writers. The performed archival instances were re-introduced in public space, attached in specific places of the housing estates, making them an archive-public place for residents and acting persons. Conversations Curatives turned Roussel’s writing mechanisms into a collective wiki-device for a public mnemotechnic: a locus-solus-public, activated by unpredictable, asynchronous, parallel voices.





Wiki recension works is an open public performance (after 5/5/09, to be announced)

Working team: Panos Kouros with Elena Chronopoulou, Nora Demjaha, Giota Dimitropoulou, Athena Kokla.  

Concept - Realization: Panos Kouros. Laboratory for Research in Public Art. Department of Architecture. University of Patras.  

Conversations Curatives. Locus Solus Public will perform field and net works in Elephant and Castle from April 28 to May 1, 2009.  

Out of the Box Intermedia and Laboratory for Research in Public Art, London Festival of Europe.


Talking Cure. Dialogic Archiving as Performative Urban Practice.

Panos Kouros

Atlantis, March 2017


Walking and Archiving: Locus Solus in Elephant and Castle.

Panos Kouros












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